Date: August 22, 2009

Picture opportunity rating: 5star
Sedona is a fantastic place to visit. Probably the second attraction for tourists to Grand Canyon. There is not enough hours in one day to see all there is to see there, but if you are in an are or passing buy it is really worth stopping by and enjoy the scenery. I apologize for a really empty map, but i have been sitting on the pictures for over a year and I have forgotten where most were taken.

Hiking Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
There are many hiking trails in Sedona and in near are. Most of the should be easy to moderate in difficulty but do not hold me to it. There are more of them than you can walk in a day.

Paved road: Yes, mostly. You will be fine in sedan on most off-roads.

Pass required for parking: Yes, I believe you buy it in a local super marker and/or gas station for a day.

Dog accessible: Yes (at least where we went)

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